Sunday, April 29, 2012


WHat you see is APPL soaring, AMZN hyped even though they are projected to lose millions next qtr, but they sure do kill companies like Best Buy. On the surface you see the FED promising we still have your back.

Read The Many Facets of RORO  (risk ON, risk OFF)  When risk comes OFF the market will tank like a MF'er.

people buying 2nd homes, retirement homes? They must be the people that are not the 25% upside down in mortgage and home equity. And you have to be able in some cases to sell your existing home first, not always an easy task/

The $TRILLIONS wiped out in loss of home equity, the first time in history homes lost value YR/YR....may take decades to repair. In the meantime, it is the FED's mission to prop up and goose RISK ON assets. With less than 2% for US 10 yrs, what other game is there?

The US markets are still leaking as MILLIONS are withdrawn from utual funds etc.....the players that are left all chasing MOMO, trends, same thing....all using leverage...that CAN backfire.

There are technical signs, diversions that ALL point to the formation of THE TOP......IMHO the time is NOW to prepare....raise cash and it is my belief we are very far from where the bottom will be, so very close to where the top will be


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