Wednesday, May 09, 2012


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There is a VERY good chance stocks have made THE TOP in this cyclical bull mkt that began in 2009, small investor participation was already, or better described as never bought into the recovery theme, so volume in the rally has been light.

Labor participation rates remain at or near historic lows, more than 25% of Americans are upside down in their homes and have no way out except default or to stay. If your home is not worth what you paid, pretty hard to refinance at todays historic low rates. If you can't sell your home, pretty hard to scoop up retirement home values.....still pressure on home valuations in most areas of the country.

The only thing the FED and GOV'T have been able to do is PROP up stock prices, for the last 3 plus years. This has done nothing for savings and investment. This has done nothing for credit and debt, only piled on more......the truth will never be told to the American public...there is NO savior, it sure isn't Romney, it sure isn't Obama.

Are you still 100% invested in stocks? It might be good idea to talk to your financial advisor and discuss what another BEAR MARKET might do to your current portfolio...just saying.



SSK said...

i agree, i am short the ES with a 1270 target in the june futures contract with a 1366 stop.

Marc R said...

Good luck with that...IMHO most winning trades will be playing the downside targets, then perhaps a few dead cat bounces depending on severity of any move