Thursday, October 27, 2011


NO guesswork here folks, the US $ has been taking it on the chin all month, down another 2% today, so anything priced in $'s will be going up, gas, food etc.

Rally won't end until the excessive bearishness found at bottom in SEPT is vanguished.....might be closer than you think. One target we had was near 1300.

Mutual Fund cash at one of lowest levels ever record, so who is funding the rally? LEVERAGE? The FED GAME continues as unemployment claims remain over 400,000. STock rally helped to goose GDP to a not so rousing 2.5%, that level was higher than previous qtr, but it doesn't create jobs.

The EURO folk have agreed on another BAILOUT DEAL? Isn't that great news? Has what is broken been fixed?

We can all hope the lows are in, we are healing? my nose says different. CONSUMER SENTIMENT sank again to one of its lowest readings, not indicative of a recovery by any measure.....housing prices continue to fall....honestly a great number of Americans might be asking where is the recovery.


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SSK said...

I agree, many times a big difference between fundamentals and market action. Amazing but true, so when something happens, one weekly bar takes out a month or more of price action! Keep up the good work. The future is going to be interesting.