Thursday, November 24, 2011


I DO not agree with everything in above article, but thefacts are accurate and there is NO doubt in my mind, the unregulated FEDERAL RESERVE has done more harm then good. And those who have SAVED, are NOT GIVING THANKS to a FED POLICY that gives them SQUAT RETURNS...those who choose NOT to FEED THE COMPANY INSIDERS by buying their $0 based shares just for privledge of holding a piece of paper....have NOWHERE to go for a return on their savings...a CRIME! If you had $1 MILLION in savings you could barely pay your electric bill each month with your returns, SOMETHING is wrong!

Our political process where we end up with CAREER Politicians, instead of citizens serving the citizens best interests leads to abuse. During the last term Congress became 26% richer while Americans loss wealth and became more indebted! The fact that Congress is allowed to trade in INSIDE INFORMATION is a slap in theface to EVERY AMERICAN who would be slapped in jail like Martha Stewart was. Had a POLITICO heard what Martha had and sold, or even sold SHORT that drug company, they would be rolling in dough, not rolling dough in prison......WHERE IN ANY COMMON SENSE WORLD does that make any sense? YOU WILL NOT see any bill to change this come forward, why screw a good deal? BUT WHY do these blow hards who suck on the teet of special interest groups and sell us out in a minute get these perks?

SIT-INS and protests should not be at Wall Street, it should be at "CON"gress....which has LOWER ratings then our sad president.

The US $ has staged a sort of near death rally recently, mainly because Europe is also so screwed up that for at least the short time being, makes the flimsy $ look good.....still a "SAFE" haven?

$70 TRILLION in DEBT, and a years of GDP current funded debt, expect more years of $TRILLION PLUS debt to be added to it.
IN AFGHANISTAN and parts unknown for what purpose, fighting for OUR freedom may be costing us our financial freedom.

TAXES MUST RISE, OR GOVT SPENDING MUST BE CUT OR BOTH as we approach the ZENITH OF IGNORING OUR PROBLEMS.  "SUPER" Committee was formed to deal with this issue onbly to have, surprise surprise come up with ZERO SOLUTIONS OR RECCOMENDATIONS!!!

Each rally in stocks precedes with some story about how money will be pumpd into systems or another arranged bailout to bailout the bailout in Europe, only to be followed with another story of "Euro Zone still in trouble?......YOU CANNOT PRINT NOR SPEND YOUR WAY TO PROSPERITY

GOLD and SILVER should continue to shine in a world of synchronized printing, not withstanding periodic whipsaws and retraces.

But it seems clear to me, the BEAR MARKET IN STOCKS IS BACK, and that tells me to be OUT OF ALL STOCKS, and wait for a period like 2009 to nibble back in at MUCH LOWER PRICES, JMHO

What makes it possible for the US to continue with its policies? wreckless spending and propups? LOW LOW INTEREST RATES a 10 year below 3% !!!!....IMHO this sounds more like PANIC, CRISIS and DEFLATION than Expanding economy, inflation.

if you just listen to CNBS, you get a one sided sided views leave you open to be BLIND SIDED.

As we slid into OCT lows I warned of a BEAR MKT, then we saw a spirited rally, but I saw an eerie similarity to 2008 action. I don't know if I will be right again, I just know what I see....

And with all the historic VOLATILITY as registered by so many 90% volume days, this is more characteristic of bear market action, not bull markets.

YES IMHO it's time to pare back, or get out and be ready to buy at much lower prices. Could stocks rally in spite of everything? Investing is NEVER a certainty, you do your best to playthe odds and minimize risk. Many of the major markets have already broken to new lows like Japan, none of that is a good sign.


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