Saturday, June 30, 2012


The data are “consistent with a weakening growth backdrop,” said Neil Dutta, head of U.S. economics at Renaissance Macro Research LLC in New York. “There’s still this propensity for consumers to boost their rate of savings, which is what you’d expect in an environment where they are very skeptical about the outlook for the labor market.”

What most people focus on are the day to day swings, brainless commentary and the nauseating headlines. WHoopie Euro zone has another plan, hey but this is a NEW NEW one for bailing out the banking system, well HOORAY that must fix everything, where's all that money coming from to do the bailing out? SEE GOLD JUMPS

Recent manufacturing data shows trouble ahead, as back orders get eaten into, consumer confidence flags, well it never relly recovered much, UNLIKE ANY OTHER so called recovery. SO it looks like we are headed for another Recession, even though we haven't had much of a recovery.

Heading itno 2014, Defense spending has been SLASHED (so they say) and will result in the loss of about 1 MILLION jobs, over 100,000 of those in manufacturing.

The world markets appear to be in bear markets, so JUST the US will do just fine right, as we are so much better and we keep hearing how great corporate profits are.

DONT KID YOURSELF, BE PREPARED......the bag holding continues as with each little rally hope springs eternal, but for those who want to UNLOAD to YOU the again unsuspecting bag holder who can least afford to see his stock portfolio drop by 50%...again.

THINK about the current 0% rate environment, about the coming changes in tax law and Gov't spending. THE PIPER has yet to be paid, daggonit, and all we get are the same song and dance, same stupid policies, SOS


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