Monday, June 25, 2012


"Not only does Ben Bernanke walk a thin tightrope above Wall Street and Congress, he does so while jawboning the entire audience across the gorge."

Nearly 4 years into recovery, we still have unemployment over 8%, and an economy not producing enough jobs, and economy limping along, not collapsing, but not in any way similar to the historical norms. The recovery will go down as weakest in history on almost all data points.

The FED may still be able to goose the stock market, but each time, they do or say something the effects wear thin in shorter durations, less bang for buck...pulling on a string, law of diminishing returns.

The market may be worried about 2013, when Bush tax cuts fade away, can the Gov't continue to support these policies any longer?

We have that ONE THING that others do not have, the RESERVE CURRENCY, job #1 of the FED is supposed to be protecting the currency, keeping it stable. Instead the printing presses have gone full bore since 2008-2009. The ONLY thing keeping the greenback from an all out tailspin is EUROPE appears worse. That's how they have FED manipulated the bond yields to record lows including operations like TWIST where they become buyers of Treasuries to pin rates lower with false demand, FEAR and still seen as SAFE HAVEN.

But current yields are destroying balance in the economy, killing returns for millions of savers ans seniors, who until the low yields reached near 0%, they did SPEND those returns, now they cannot.

DO we want a $5 tip to become a $425 tip in inflated ass wipe paper? That's what it equals in Jamaican currency now.

Taxes and fees are slated to rise, at the STATE level they already are. We are becoming a class of poor and rich as the middle class get contunally squeezed, this is not the best scenario for our country.

Obama's policies have been a failure, and Bush's previous spending and recklessness lit the fuse.....does it really matter who runs the WHite House at this point?


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