Monday, October 15, 2012


"I think we can draw a rough parallel between a black hole and our current global economic situation. (For physicists this will be a very rough parallel indeed, but work with me, please.) An economic bubble of any type, but especially a debt bubble, can be thought of as an incipient black hole. When the bubble collapses in upon itself, it creates its own black hole with an event horizon beyond which all traditional economic modeling breaks down. Any economic theory that does not attempt to transcend the event horizon associated with excessive debt will be incapable of offering a viable solution to an economic crisis. Even worse, it is likely that any proposed solution will make the crisis more severe."

Are we too close to thebalck hole of debt? Can we achieve excape velocity? I have my worries, doubts as out economy, the world has been subject to HISTORIC attempts to stimulate, and creation of money, yet we have meager historic worst recovery, and its not creating enough jobs.

By the FED monetizing the debt, have we fixed anything? ZERO % interest rates held for alreay 4 years, has that fixed anything? what it has done is make it impossible for savers to get any return. There are no choices, we have not deleveraged, we have not gone back to the NORM from where maybe we return to investment and real job growth.


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