Friday, May 31, 2013


Is the recent splurt above wedge a "throw over", and would a fall back INTO wedge (below 1600) put this pattern back on the table?

If you think the market has either one more huge push up to make or has MUCH further to run then you don't even consider such patterns.

WHat has changed? late Friday selloff where traders don't want to hold for Monday? What we can see with our own 2 eyes is that BOND prices are falling (yields rising) with stocks, and commodities and that is new.

Rates are rising, so where is the flight to quality? FED has been sopping up $45B in demand a month. Their goal is to keep long term rates DOWN, so why are they rising? Where would rates be if there wasn't artificial $45B a month plus another $40B MBS.

Answer is FED controls ST rates, rates are still relatively low, but way off bottom.

JAPANESE MKT has turned very volatile, what a mess IMHO.


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