Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It may be more just the market was tired, and needed excuse to take a rest, I am NOT convinced final highs are in. But we did have a significan reversal day where prices staged a strong rally to new highs (Dow was up 154) and then reversed on just the slightest suggestion the "FED could be easing its purchases of Bonds if labor market improves by end of summer"

The mere suggestion of the FED not backstopping market led to a rush for the exits? Tells you a LOT of what has caused the market to rally for 5 years. How ugly could it get should the music actually be FORCED to stop? ISNT IT AN "ALL IN"MKT NOW?

VIX ended at 13.82, hardly a panic.



Anonymous said...

The bears have been "ALL IN" for years. How's that going?

Marc R said...

it's not the BEARS ALL IN NOW, how's that gonna work? haaa

Anonymous said...

Wow a couple down days, Nirvana at CAMC Pain for all mankind

Bears all in for years pushing doom, BEARS ALL IN..........BROKE,,,,,,,,BUT ALL IN......SLOPE OF BEAR HOPE>>>>>>>>>PRAY FOR A TOP< PRAYING.........BEARS ALL IN.........BROKEN CLOCK BDI BUBBLE BUTT BEARS>>>>>>>>>>>>>PRAYING FOR TOP?????????????????????BROKE

Marc R said...

It's amusing how ill informed some are out in the world. A money printing fanciful world where prosperity can be reached without anything created.
The same naiive bobo's that post infantile remarks and show they have no obvious understanding of much. And will not be seen when the fallout from such dangerous policies begin.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible at all that the fed printing plan just may work this time??

If it is so bad and is going to ruin the country, then why do they continue to do it? The market seems to be telling us it will work.

Marc R said...

SO naaive, really do I need to answer that?