Sunday, December 18, 2011


This time it's different? In what lifetime was a declining 200 day avergae bullish? FORGET what the boob tube is telling, forget what "experts" come on and tell you "how the US is NOT like Europe and our economy will continue to grow" tell that to the 4 MILLION baby boomers tossed to the curb.

Stats are for liars? Unemployment rate dropping is good new? what if it dropped because people dropped off the 99 week claims list and gave up looking?

Wages are not growing, they are stagnant, at the same time, the wealthier have gotten richer, OH I mean the Politicians...their wealth has grown by 26% during this time of financial part due to they play by different rules than the CITIZENS who eleected them! BASTARDS can trade on INSIDE INFO, MAKE BIG CASH and it is LEGAL???? WTF? yeah.....they are finding it hard to pass a bill to repeal this, funny how Mr FAIR can't find time to mention this repugnant piece of info.

When will the SAFE trade of fiding YIELD blow up in our faces.....people chasing 10 year yields near 1.8% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that sound like INFLATION FEAR MY FRIENDS?

Where else you gonne hear about this but here? It's just my humble opinion


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