Saturday, December 24, 2011


" However, and especially over the past year, financial power has subtly yet markedly shifted from traditional institutional fund managers, the crowded venture capitalist arena, and the scores of IPO dealmakers to "sophisticated" Wall Street financial players incorporating various forms of financial engineering (typically, variations of "spread trades"). While assets have shrunk and scores of equity mutual funds have been closed, 1,000 new hedge funds are said to have joined the fray as industry assets continue their historic Bubble ascent.”

There is NO room for John and Janet C Q Public. The game is RIGGED with VIOLENT ABNORMAL HISTORIC volatility with over 30 90% volume days since the summer!!! There probably were not 12 of these during the entire 1980-2000 greatest bull market!

Stocks reflecting the "VOTES" of millions of shares traded, bought and sold are now HFT trading schemes and large institutions using stocks as their Las Vegas Casino.

These new trends, all fostered by the SEC and anyone in charge, thinking this is all good, brings liquidity?....nothing has been done. ANy laws passed prove ineffective and aren't even enforced...BrainDEAD OXLEY is one...a joke.

Banks could actually make profits if they charged enough for loans and paid more to induce deposits, none of this is happening. SAVERS the sacrificial lambs, get near NOTHING FOR SAVINGS. AND one sure as hell....anyone holding long term bonds yielding below 2% are going to get an Historic HOSING! Bonds may be in the longest running bull market in history which began during Volkers rates shot up to rediculous levels like 16% and have been falling ever since that INFLATION was PURGED.

Now the FED and CB'ers have been able to pile on debt, keep rates LOW, and do ALL KINDS of things to keep economies humming all these years................few talk of the TRILLIONS around in Derivitives......but the last 10 years plus of fighting the corrective forces of the BEAR MARKETS and the WILL TO REVRT TO THE NORM AND CORRECT THE PREVIOUS EXCESSES....have been fought tooth and nail with everything they could bring......

And it brings us to today......this is not 1990, or 2000, or would seem to me we are reaching a backs to the wall, running out of financial gadgets, a DAY OF RECKONING is much closer than anytime over the last decade. 1.8% GDP 3 years into a "RECOVERY" in certainly anything but normal.

8.5% unemployment is anything but normal 3 years into "recovery". Bank Of America our largest bank has sunk under $5......penny stock territory.

Those over 50 thrown to curb, can't even get interview for a job......and many ask the question "has the American Dream been busted?"

Here we approach XMAS, and the New Years, and I'm just getting this out of my system......I can remain positive about what we can accomplish as individuals, but I have seen the faces of the REAL PEOPLE effected and there is a pain like never seen or felt before, a desperation of many of our fellow Americans.....and it feels helpless, like there is nothing we can do?

I say put a 3rd party in power or someone like RON PAUL. WE NEED REAL CHANGE, WE NEED ALMOST ANYONE but the jerks status QUO we've been getting.

BUSH a jerk and liar, abused his Conservative constituency, OBAMA a fraud and has done nothing. WASH is so crossed up and bloated with career politicians, lobbyists and special interests......they can't even pass a BILL to make it ILLEGAL for CONGRESS to TRADE STOCKS BASED ON INSIDER INFORMATION???!!^%&&$*#$(($((($##!!!

NOT one individual has had charges pressed against them for ANY CRIME committed during the WORST FINANCAIL CRISIS in history??? NOT ONE!!?????

The interent is important no doubt, but inmost cases products bought no taxes collected....has put countless retailers OUT OF BUSINESS!!

ON a personal note, I was kicked to the curb and am one of those baby boomers at 56 had no job and wondered what was next. SO I crerated my own company doing what I knew how to do for the past 30 years plus.

I have had some success, I have found people expanding, renovating.....needing office these difficult times! There is HOPE....we need real change...justice.....JOBS based on LOW TAXES on SMALL TO MEDIUM BUSINESS.....LOW TAXES FOR THOSE MAKING under $1M. Republicans who won't allow ANY rise in taxes to those making GOBS of funny is rediculous.

DO AWAY with the 15% DIVIDEND tax rate and double that, this MOSTLY only helps the INSIDERS who get paid with paper stocks, keep the rate at 15% for those NORMAL people not making more than $1M.

USE FLAT TAX maybe for those making under $250K. GOV'T option for health care.....the cost of health care is choking most workers....sapping their BUYING STRENGTH.

LET RATES RISE SOME....give investors a more balanced choice, SUPPORT THE US $!

GD bless, and may all my friends, family and readers enjoy health and happiness into the New Years.


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