Saturday, December 31, 2011


Most will probably feel, not a bad year overall, the market volatility was very high, but then what was the harm, stocks basically FLAT! So maybe you will just sit tight and figure you've been through the worst? Where else is your money going to go?

The PROS own the market, the HFT's and large Hedge Funds, but the volume has been LIGHT and there is no room for a crowd to HIT THE EXITS.

By MOST measures, we are in a new Bear Market, but you won't hear single utterance of that reality on the boobus tubus. And certainly not on the "hair cafe' "

There is life in the economy, interest rates are historically low, but the current gov and FED policies are not doing a good job clearing out the prior imbalances, it is more just holding the ship upright and from sinking.

At what cost? There is no real effort to cut costs, or to raise new revenues. We can't continue with what we got in office, yet the wannabe's look sick too.

Dirty minded Chris Rock has a routine where he says he hates all politicians, he says why can't they just wait and read the bill being voted on or not to have already come to a conclusions because of one's party or leaning right or left, why not just think about the issue, let it bounce around inside your brain and come to the BEST DECISION.....good luck with that.

60 TIMES we raise the gov't debt ceiling, this is a joke.....just blow the stupid thing up, stop playing games. Does Europe right the ship? Right now, even our currency has rallied because we look less worse? We DO have the Reserve currency....imagine if we didn't.

Wars fought we didn't want and can't win against an inivisible foe not a country, 1,000's of lives lost, $Trillions spent.....when do we return to the Constitutional principals, and lose the Roman Empire ones?

Savers continue to get the shaft, with little else offered except the RISK MARKETS.....I don't like Musical Chairs with too many people playing and only a few chairs.

Have great New years, be safe, and happy for what we DO have.....and hope for some light ahead. Me personally....100% cash , maybe short some...I'm thinkng rocky 2012


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