Monday, February 27, 2012


Or do they?

The current prices we are paying for OIL are filtering all through the economy. Even airlines are now charging "FUEL SURCHARGES" and soon Freight companies will be also along with manufacturers who pay the freight for their products in a landed cost.

Food, furniture, just about everything requires a TRUCK, which runs on GAS to get the product or service to you. The HIGH OIL and energy costs and part of the same unintended or intended consequences of the current economic revivial package fashioned by 0% rate FED policy and unlimited Gov't deficit spending. BANKS cannot pay you much for deposits, leaving most with one alternative...RISK ASSETS....and IMHO this SCHEME is almost in itself responsible for the 2009 Bull MKT and is why I feel in the end it will fail.

We are also in Afghanistan for what? Violence has picked there since the burning of their holy book, and there is NO plan that will work and what is it we hope to accomplish?

A big country which is a pile of rocks, trying to be governed by a central gov't in kabal...ain't gonna happen. Obama foriegn policy is flawed and yet he keeps going, and American deaths pile up....$billions and billions keep going and going....


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