Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Unintended consequences of a Greek bailout and worldwide Central Bank inflation? SOARING GOLD to new highs and OIL at almost $106. This will translate to Consumer inflation for goods and energy, gas at pump is already at historic highs for this time of year.

But, you know, I think the FED should keep doing what they are doing, keep rates at 0% even after it is more than obvious to any casual observer it is igniting asset inflation, if you own lots of stocks maybe that's a good thing. The avg American had their net worth mostly tied up in their homes, which won't appreciate in value for some time to come.

The rest of the world may be held accountable for deficit spending and that compared to GDP and ability to repay Bond holders, holders of the debt. HERE? we can just print more of the RESERVE CURRENCY, and don't have to make any significant efforts to trim gov't spending and deficits.

Commodities sniff an issue, and even as the players might be able to control rates for now, other things are out of their control, we have government and central bank intervention at a GLOBAL HISTORICAL SCALE never before seen.


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