Saturday, September 22, 2012


Ever since I started my blog, my goal was to educate, to light a fire under the avg person to try to be in more control of their financial destiny.

Depending on your age, and goals you would perhaps look at your investment future differently. I will make it clear again, my goal is not to give you any advice, and everything I post is just my opinion, and articles posted I share opinions, charts of others.

YOU should not make ant decision based on what I think, of course as any writer would suggest, you should work with a financial advisor, professional and make it clear what your objectives are.

I believe we are in a SECULAR BEAR MKT, so that means over a LONG period of time stocks are in for a rough ride. These long term trends can last longer than you think, some of that depends on how hard OTHER FORCES, like the FED fight the prevailing trend.

ALL a BEAR MKT tries to do is RESET things, return the economy and market to a balance, a natural balance so REAL GROWTH can return and the previous imbalances and speculation, excesses can be healed so we can start anew.

This Bear has been fought like no other, HISTORIC, NEVER BEFORE SEEN measures have been taken by the Gov't and especially the Federal Reserve which has overstepped its mandate.

It IS NORMAL to experience periods (CYCLICAL BULLS) of 3 years or more of counter trend rallies and bullish periods, stocks usually react positively to FED MEASURES.

My personal finances aside, I am VERY CONSERVATIVE, so what I do (which I don't usually publish) may not be for everyone.

One of the MORE difficult things to do is ride the bull, especially while it undergoes a shakeout, draw in early 1998 right before one of the greatest rises in stock wealth ever seen in such a short period of time. FED INDUCES TECH CRAZE...worries over Y2K....1998 crash..but that wasn't sustainable, nor was 2003-2007....each time with more disastrous results.

SO either I am 100% WRONG for worry now, and we have sustainable recovery built on SOUND economic policy......or the mother of all shit will hit the fan based on the level of attack fighting the inevitable reconciliation which will bring us to ground zero and true healing to build again from a sound base.


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