Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PEAK PROFITS?  "What if the FED has it all wrong?"

" Today, employment growth remains below 1.5% YoY, a rate insufficient to reduce unemployment. Nominal wages are growing 1.2% while inflation is 1.7% and threatens to accelerate, in large part due to the impact that the Fed's actions are having on commodity prices, particularly oil prices.

The Fed wants to grow employment faster, but jobs don't grow out of thin air. Corporations create jobs when they have the means, they see a need, and there is visibility to commit.

The problem with Bernanke's wealth effect thesis lies with the new reality in America. Income and assets have lately been so significantly redistributed that only a tiny few actually feel a wealth effect from rising equity prices. "

Today on CNBCBS, "expert" came on ans basically said only worry is some short term turbulence, but longer term NO PROBLEMS as the FED has put a price under market and that we "won't see ANY 200 pt delines as long as FED is there.

All the traders know the FED IS THERE, and maybe this guy is right. But I ask the question, where is it in the FED mandate they target the stock market?

There is a YING and and YANG to everything, and it seems obvious to me, the FED policy for what it is costing, is VERY INEFFECTIVE in helping their #1, and #2 mandates.....full employment and price stability as it also relates to the protection of the reserve currency.

Props to Richard Russell who is still writing one of the best letters available, especially for the layman, and is going strong well into his 80's. If there was a HALL OF FAME for this, he surely would be there.


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