Thursday, November 08, 2012


Market selloff. APPL is off over 20% since it made highs at $705, you damn sure DO have to TIME the market....what does this all mean? Businesses do not like uncertainty, the certainty is 4 more years like we've had, maybe that is a problem...FISCAL CLIFF talk is that.....I think its in the soup...its something else..

I am not screaming chicken little, what I AM saying is there is a ton of complacency out there, the makret is overvalued, and things tend to recvert to the mean, which in past corrections is plain fact for those who bother to look or ask.

Not dividend yields nor PE ratio of the SPX 500 is anywhere near a true reckoning bottom, IMHO.

WTF do I know? just one dude talking here to myself?


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