Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Similar complacency bottoming pattern to 2007 MARKET TOP. And IMHO that is where we are headed or already got there. It's amusing how the expert players come here and dis me for not seeing ONLY blue skies and forever BULL MKTS.....and more amusing when they scurry back under their rocks when the shit hit the fan....and I get accused of being a broken record?

Well, those who have been following me I've been writing ever since we began this SECULAR BEAR phase, so as far as I can see......we have piled more crap on top of existing crap and the natural balance of things has been fought tooth and claw, so things have not been allowed to go their course and then we heal.....the idiots have made it worse! FED IDIOTS caused the issues and have added insult to bloody injury....

We hear those cheers from those that like what has gone down the last 4 years, but and it's great that pre-existing conditions dont mean you cannot get insured, but NOWHERE in the 2500 pages of this monstrosity of a bill, does it do anything to help CONTAIN COSTS! Insurance companies will raise rates on all to cover the changes made in the bill.

The market is now a might bit oversold, so I expect a bounce of some kind to begin shortly. ALL you see are CLIFF CLIFF FISCAL CLIFF...ow ow ow. Just some of the problems ahead.
WHAT IF a cliff dive is averted? delayed? bulls and bear get trapped in this ugly mkt.

SEE you at SPX 800 or below.


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Anonymous said...

Manute says u r a clown. Saying same thing over and over and over. 120 percent rally over 44 months, market down 8 percent measured in weeks, and you are a genius now? Wake up you warn about a bear everyday since this blog started.