Thursday, January 24, 2013


If AAPL can get a near 40% haircut in a fewm onths, imagine what a new bear market might do?

Here is a response to one of my PERMA BULL readers and comentors...not tormentors as I ENCOURAGE sharing your opinion on this blog.

"Only someone like you would stoop to I told you so's. I'm just here presenting my opinion, and for your amusement only.

Pain is not something I want to see, and when it comes to sitting thru a BEAR MKT correction...stupifyed....not that either.

There is a skill and talent to be able to do that...avoid the WORST of a BEAR, and be OPEN to the joys of a BULL, even a Cyclical move...that is my goal.

There will be a completion to this SECULAR BEAR....which would make sense given the length of time the previous BULL ran, the imbalances and perversions it begot....but now we have the world CB's fighting the results of a credit binge Caligula one wants to pay the one wants to let the free market correct itself.

So now you get the perversion of rising stock and risky assets, mispricing of risk and manipulated int rates....there WILL be a price to extract.

Stocks tend to go up,when the FED gets involved, but we are now 5 years in.....time to onsider an exit strategy IMHO"



Anonymous said...

Just remember who started it.

Jack B

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
"Not being invested in equities right now is one of the "most dangerous" things to do, according to Jack Bouroudjian, CEO of Bull and Bear Partners, who believes U.S. companies will beat Wall Street's estimates for second-quarter earnings.

Corporate America is "richer than ever before" and consumers have more disposable cash because of recent lower oil prices, Bouroudjian told CNBC on Tuesday, adding that the extra cash will boost earnings and bode well for stocks in the next few years. "

Mark it down, he's on record......certainly stocks are not over valued? but certainly in bonds you get NO's fixed


Marc R said...

"more disposable cash because of recent lower oil prices, Bouroudjian"
HAAAAA right......