Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CURRENT DOW THEORY NON CONFIRMATION   "most difficult market" and Richard has been writing for a long long time.



Anonymous said...

Russell’s inconsistent interpretation of the Dow Theory reminds me of a fight between a bull and a bear, in which the bear dares the bull to step over a line that the bear has drawn in the sand. And when the bull does so, the bear simply retreats and draws yet another line ...

Enjoy the AAPL today, it's a beargasm for you, now if only the whole world would go in a depression so you can claim "I told you so" victory

Jack B

Marc R said...

Only someone like you would stoop to I told you so's. I'm just here presenting my opinion, and for your amusement only.

Pain is not something I want to see, and when it comes to sitting thru a BEAR MKT correction...stupifyed....not that either.

There is a skill and talent to be able to do that...avoid the WORST of a BEAR, and be OPEN to the joys of a BULL, even a Cyclical move...that is my goal.

There will be a completion to this SECULAR BEAR....which would make sense given the length of time the previous BULL ran, the imbalances and perversions it begot....but now we have the world CB's fighting the results of a credit binge Caligula one wants to pay the one wants to let the free market correct itself.

So now you get the perversion of rising stock and risky assets, mispricing of risk and manipulated int rates....there WILL be a price to extract.

Stocks tend to go up,when the FED gets involved, but we are now 5 years in.....time to onsider an exit strategy IMHO