Friday, January 25, 2013


I believe we are approaching a MAJOR MARKET TOP. But it could have a bit further to go if the broadening megaphone pattern is still in play.

MACD divergences running now since 2011, as prices continue to rise and momo falls as shown by lower MACD tops on a weekly basis.

A short term correction could be close, but there could be one more push to THE TOP. IMHO


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Jack B said...

The Top Mark it down, he's on record.

First, they have cried wolf too many times. They’ve spent three years warning of imminent crisis.But that crisis keeps not happening. The still-depressed economy has kept interest rates at near-record lows despite large government borrowing, just as Keynesian economists predicted all along. So the credibility of the scolds has taken an understandable, and well-deserved, hit.