Friday, February 29, 2008


IMHO I THINK WE ARE IN early stages OF A nasty bear market!! as above chart elaborates, today was NASTY and over 90% down volume, NONE of the rally days could muster that.
I do not post much anymore because most of my loyal readers just lurk, I honestly don't know how many ready my blog. I get busy, I own a company.
But I'll post whenI can.
Is Bernanke FEEBLE or what? You had bubble in 90's, you reinflated with REDICULOUS low rates in the bull run of 2003-2007, that is OVER. But all it created was MORE BUBBLES and INFLATION. It killed manufacturing.
The infection known as "sub prime" was shipped ALL OVER THE WORLD...where the hell was the FED? or anyone? ALLOWED to fester rampant speculation and now look at the mess!
BANKS WONT LEND, M and A dead, CDO'S DEAD......FED trying same old tired tricks (they got nothing else) lowering rates again....but this time it isnt any fun!
Where is the money going? COMMODITIES!!!!!!!!!!! loo at OIL, GOLD WHEAT etc...damnit.
But good ole Ben isnt worried about inflation? IDIOT! US DOLLAR isnt worth wiping your ass with it my friends!
LISTEN to RON PAUL!! here's another bubble there another STEADY EDDY GROWTH JUST STUPID BUBBLES
As rates fall (short end) Long rates WERE stubborn but FEAR send the HERD there last few in Bonds....a big 3.6% 10 year whoopieee.
You got a FED just follows market, all they do and denies inflation, not worried about $100 OIL maybe $120 but not $100 oil. $970 GOLD ( setting all time highs) they cant talk inflation away..but who is really listening anyway?
Mono line rumors each day some bad most promise buyout or something.....look EVEN Warren BUffet won't touch them! only wants the good stuff?
Bank gets nationlized in England...Northern Rock
LONDON (AP) -- U.K. treasury chief Alistair Darling said Sunday that struggling bank Northern Rock PLC will be nationalized after the government rejected two private takeover bids.
Darling told a news conference that the ailing mortgage lender would be placed under temporary public ownership because both bids had failed to meet the government's criteria for protecting taxpayers.
"The new board and the company will operate at arm's length from the government, with complete commercial autonomy for their decisions," Darling said.
and this
NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Not long ago, Goldman Sachs alums Geoff Grant and Ron Beller looked like superstars. A prescient wager on the collapse of the subprime mortgage bond market generated last year a whopping 87 percent return for one of their hedge funds.
The twosome, who run London-based Peloton Partners, aren't looking so shrewd these days. They've been forced to liquidate their once high-flying ABS fund after gambling big on a mortgage bond rebound that didn't materialize. The $1.8 billion fund's collapse comes after a series of recent trades dropped sharply in value, leading to margin calls from creditors that the firm was unable to meet.
The ABS fund's implosion, coming just three years after Peloton Partners was formed, highlights the steep challenges that hedge funds face amid the credit crisis gripping Wall Street. Last week D.B. Zwirn & Co shut down its two biggest hedge funds amid investor defections. Citigroup halted earlier this month withdrawals from one of its hedge funds.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WASHINGTON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Sales at U.S. retailers rose 0.3 percent in January, which was an unexpected pickup that partly reflected stronger sales of new cars and gasoline, according to a Commerce Department report on Wednesday.

January's sales increase followed a 0.4 percent decline in December and was contrary to Wall Street analysts' forecasts for a 0.2 percent decline.

Excluding autos, January sales still rose 0.3 percent, reversing a 0.3 percent decline in December sales. Wall Street analysts were expecting a 0.2 percent gain in sales excluding autos.

Despite the higher headline number for sales, there were declines in many categories that implied consumer spending was being pinched. Furniture sales fell 0.5 percent in January, building material sales were down 1.7 percent and department store sales declined by 1.1 percent.
Many analysts think the slowing U.S. economy is headed into recession if not already there and are closely watching for signs that consumers, who fuel 70 percent of national economic activity, will keep scaling back spending.

Gasoline sales rose 2 percent in January after being flat in December. But higher sales numbers can simply reflect increased sales prices and the report does not specify whether the volume of gasoline sales was up from December.

Excluding gasoline, January retail sales rose 0.1 percent.
(Reporting by Glenn Somerville, editing by Joanne Morrison)



Thursday, February 07, 2008


The first quarter that the credit crunch should directly hit The CEO of accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers expects more non-financial U.S. companies to report write-downs linked to the credit crisis, showing the problem has the potential to infect a wide swath of corporate America.‘It's not just in banks,' CEO Samuel DiPiazza told reporters late on Tuesday. ‘These securities sit in cash equivalent accounts of industrials; they sit in investment portfolios of pensions.'‘We are having to deal with this with thousands of companies, not just a handful of big banks,' he said, and added that a ‘first wave' of write-downs was likely in the current audit cycle this quarter.Last month Bristol-Myers Squibb Co became among the first companies outside the financial sector to disclose its exposure to the world-wide credit crisis. Over the last few months, other non-financial companies such as networking-equipment maker Ciena Corp and software company Lawson Software Inc have also reported write-downs related to the credit crunch and the housing sector meltdown.


my email to friends on Cramer this AM

Yeah, and this AM they trot out that idiot CRAMER......who each time he speaks sounds less credable and more carnival like.....CNBC is w/o any merit except amusement....surely they wont have Roubini on again!!

Yeah, how do they WARN their liseners to mover thier assets into a TREASURY MM as even reg MM's can fail?? so it makes you think what good is ANY TIP they give on flip side when all know at same time? is why they always PUKE afterwards.

WHy arent they asking that carnival barker why all his picks have lost fortunes for his lemmings? where did all the BOOYAH'S GO??

WHY did RR say we have great worldwide global boom coming at peak of mkt?
did you see the execution of NYX NMX and CME last night!!!!

WILL losses overseas cause liquidation of US assets?


WHY doesnt BB see a bear mkt? WHY DID MOST GURU'S underestimate the credit crisis?

I can hear that ahole downstairs...Ill shut him off, go in basemnt and play some blues! GREATEST story never told? was the liars den of thieves.... CSCSO WARNING SOBERING coming from the biggest tech smiler in bunch.. and it appears the few of us, avg Joe's are amng an elite group of mkt tech's that did not fall asleep at the wheel..

I have ALL my assets in a TREASURY MM for protection...but hey that's just me.

TURN OFF CNBC and start thinking for yourselves!