Wednesday, February 27, 2013


. Traders seems to have jumped on the other side, and haven't let up. Stocks are rebounding but APPL isn't, not good sign.

The chart only shows you a possible set COULD go down and test that price level and hold...but if it breaks that line....$420 minimum..closer to $380. Stock could be $1500 in 5 years, this is just current setup.

There is bearish death cross in play, trend has turned bearish on APPL, $350-420 here we come.

NOTICE how the blue line (50 SMA) hasn't crossed the red line (200 SMA) since 2009!!


Jack B said...

Doomers and broken clocks are in a bear market. They just don't realize it.

John Kelly said...

I am short Jack B and AAPL. Good post