Sunday, February 17, 2013


Ponder this. Are the moves made by Draghi in Europe going to create similar market performance that we have seen here in the US from FED actions that began late in 2008? Will 2013 be another sharp UP year for stocks in general? Are we enterring an era of another great long term BULL?

Japanese authorities were able to create a 20% 4 month decline in their currency, Soros said he made about $1B on this bet, which may have included a long Japanese stocks trade.

The EURO made a similar move but with a 20% increase in value.

Historic LOW interest rates in this country allow the US to continue floating $Trillion deficits year after year and do not put ANY pressure on our Gov't to live within its means.

0% savings accounts leave the small investor with NO PLACE LEF TO HIDE or gain returns, so they must, and have been flocking BACK TO EQUITIES.

In a world of supply and demand, this pretty much rules all as we go forward, we will do our best to keep that in mind and front and center. The days of fundamentals effecting the markets are destroyed with historic intervention and manipulation.

In a world that was finanacially nearly destroyed by the banking crisis, real estate bubble popping........NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has been brought to justice....


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Anonymous said...

Again, you insisted we were going down big in the market and look where we are at now.

Gloomers have read it all wrong!!