Friday, February 01, 2013

BULLISH ON 14,000  Congrats to those newly minted millionaires, the 1% er's who have substantial stock holdings, while the other 99% eat it.

And now, without another vehicle to get returns, the masses are back in a big way. A market with shorts decimated who won't need to cover to slow decline down, a market with a all in mentality, a market with TRILLIONS of NEWLY PRINTED FED FIAT being funneled into the assets to make things look like new again.

WHat we see is PROOF that each bull mkt ends with a bear, and fighting it we get money priniting and historic low rates and we get? A resucitation of stocks, but where are the jobs? SInce topping in 2000, the labor participation rate continmues to fall, explain that? (people give up!)

You see, no one will ask until a crisis comes again, how did we get here? WHAT will be the end byline for a market that misprices risk? 5 years at 0%, TRILLIONS of new dollars to take the place of the old ones that got fucked's a miracle hon.

Oh almost forgot to add, when the MUSIC stops, there have been FEW pullbacks to act as support along the way.....when she blows, the roof will come off and it will get very dark and ugly as people try to cash out. You have to know when to BUY, and you also have to know when enough is enough and take your chips off the able.....they will NOT RING A BELL.

Now more than ever I feel the need to offer caution and warning, I am in a tiny minority amid all the loud voices screaming its all a buy man buy....this is not a 100% science...I just call it like I see it, right or wrong...


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