Friday, February 01, 2013


I'm all for manipulation if it leads us to the end game, growth. ALL we mostly have is growth of stock prices. Fed has stated they targeted stocks. Rates say no other options.

From lows of 666 we are at 1500 plus? Nice ride! BUT I think we have seen PEAK in earnings cycle, int rates seem to have bottomed (though with stock collapse that could change again), there are many signs that suggest bull mkt of 5 years is in latter stages.

When does it make sense to buy into a bull in last stages, fundamentals not supporting it, complacency of holders and now late comers piling on......

Most near retirement have VERY little saved,  going forward what a drag it could be, falling stocks mkt, aging population needing even more govt assistance, workers taxed out the ass along with business to help pay for the gap...that only gets wider with the HUGE unfunded liabilities.....pass the plastic bag and twisty ties....

You CAN delay the inevitable, you cannot avoid it.

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