Sunday, December 11, 2005

My post on RB

SteveZ Ghost of Xmas past?
Gone but not forgotten?
End of 2005 Tax break to repatriate foreign earnings at only 3% gave dollar support as foreign currencies had to be sold, soon to end.
Double US deficits not shrinking, near $1.2 trillion 2005.
Also March could be end to int rate hikes......also $$ supportive......but gold has risen even as $$ has!!
March ends reporting of M3. March begins Iran Euro Oil I wonder as Bernanke steps in with liquidity flair.......that's why I am thinking gold bull wants to shake off as many weak hands before WILD phase begins....good sign if it stays above $50.
We see now steveZ as we were the few that screamed of bear's arrival near 2000........we also should have been screaming about the gold bull's beginning.......lessons of past 5 years worth a lifetime.
Somtime down the road my maybe the Dow has one more gasp to above 11K before table is set yet once again.......few voices see trouble ahead as before....
Housing is INDEED slowing and over 800K jobs at risk.....been the backbone of economy.....not sure what could step in....lowering rates hat trick will have less of an effect and could do double damage to US dollar.....another positive for gold.....and not even a whisper for deflation.....

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