Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ethanol bull (PEIX) could be starting, remember ALL bulls correct, I think TOO many on board, it has been too easy, so a SHAKEOUT is coming, IMHO not bashing just MHO. certainly this stock has been hot.

BUT, if I am correct, and I am not alone, the top in the cyclical bull could be in.,,,and If I am correct it is very possible the bear rips ALL a new one....bonds MAY do better, but so far havent found bottom, a normal safe sure has but WAY overbought will plummet in short order

IMHO A STEEP drop in commodities may signal tougher times ahead,,,,especially SILVER AND COPPER....used in all kinds of products....OIL fell as demand eased?

Utility avg usually tops 6-8 mnths ahead of topped last OCT 2005. TRANS new ALL time high, but for 6 years DOW didnt agreee, and withing a snot shot this week it has run away from that new high (maybe it tries again)...NAZ topped months we dont have a unified market working to new highs together.
And we have VERY few of the Dow 30 close to 52 wk highs....and we have PLENTY of stocks off already by 20% or that % keeps rising.WHat is wrong with MSFT AMZN YHOO INTC DELL EBAY GOOG IBM GM WMT etc etc...many of these are making 52 wk LOWS Under your nose.
Insider selling is at a frenzy, whats their hurry? and here to Maybe I am wrong, but if your stocks are acting badly, take them out, shoot them, raise cash ....all IMHO

A BEAR has torn even the bears hide to hide....and hasnt it been easy to be a CRAMER?
Been 3 YEARS!!!! since last 10% correction......VIX is moving up, if that continues the PRO'S are getting better too.

OK and dismiss me as a nut case, but remember the day you read the future.We are in a SECULAR BEAR trend, the FED and BUSH have fought it tooth and nail,,very well.....but it has grossly maladjusted our economy and made our "friends" STRONGER, helped build the Chinese Military too.Yeah, 10's of millions willing to work for $200 or less a MONTH!!! how they gonna afford OUR JUNK? oh yeah on credit?

You will figure out too late I am right, the trend may be changing back to the bear....and you cannot afford to drizzle saliva and let it rip you a new one..or can you?


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