Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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This thing is snowballing, rally it might, it has tried, We are in BEAR territory my friends

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Anonymous said...

If we are headed for a 20% correction, and as I have read, 80% of the time when a 10% correction,(the one we just broke through during the globex today) does not hold, do we achieve the 20% correction. That is even lower than the support that you show on the chart. Question is, how does the world not catch the flu? So we have an inflating of our currency, a weaking of it, Massive level 3 deriviates waiting to be labled worthless, goverenments will undoubtably keep doing the same inflating, Damn, do I sound cynical? At least Ron Paul understands the danger we are in. The rest of the lemmings I am sure are the status quo. What the hell is the future bringing? Unfunded liabilitys is the icing on the cake going foward also. Did you hear the head of the GAO speak about the issue? First time in history has the comptroller of the GAO pubicly spoke out regarding this massive crisis. Did I mention that today was a good day? LMAO!!