Friday, June 06, 2008


I Just got confirmed from my REP HON company (one of top 3 in country) is raising prices in July 3% but in last 3 months they have been forced to take more action, IN OCT they will pass along an avg of 8.5% ADDT’L INCREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OIL could go to $0 tomorrow, and it will take MANY months for this shit to filter thru and or out…recent Head and Shoulders I see on SPX has been broken (by my charting) (meaning trip down to 1325 for sure at min)

MY friends, maybe the IN CROWD and play with this mkt some more, but I suspect this BEAR is JUST getting started

Europe will raise rates to ward off inflation (fight it), FED is done and the US $$ toilet paper as it is is under siege again.

I talk to a LOT of people, my bass teacher (34 yr old guy) knows the problem…..”FED PRINTING PRESS’….DEFEND OUR SHORES DEFEND OUR CURRENCY….none of the knuckleheads running have a clue

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