Sunday, December 09, 2012


"The media, commentators, and politicians always talk about deficits. This whole fiscal-cliff debate centers around how to reduce the federal deficit. Should we cut government spending, raise taxes, or do both? But a deficit is merely the current shortfall, the government spending more in any given year than it takes in. The true problem lies in the past's accumulated deficits, which collectively add up to the national debt."

"The so-called fiscal cliff the United States now faces is an early milestone in this disastrous process. And sadly, every single major proposal on the table from both sides is a total joke."

Friends, it is my belief that we have the WINDS OF CHANGE blowing directly in front of us, and the fiscal cliff talks, news, etc are but just a smoke screen to the evolving issues that cannot be talked away.

Because of the Federal Reserve interest rate policies, going off the paper of their written official mandate, they have purposely and illegally targeted savers for destruction and pain, and the stock market for manipulation in a stupid attempt to AVOID the DAY OF RECKONING, and a lot of what has ACCUMULATED over the years is DIRECTLY brought about by their reckless interest rates policies, and now outright manipulation of the stock market.

Additional warning signs come from faltering corporate earnings where 63% S&P 500 companies missed estimates, looks like earnings have peaked this cycle. SO do you want to be invested in the stock market lock, stock and barrel because the FED has made sure that stocks are the only game in town?

Other warning signs show PEAK volume in stocks occurred in 2009 and have been falling ever since.

IMHO, we have a manipulated stock market targeted by the Federal Reserve as a way to attack current financial crisis, this is not a substantive, long term answer, and a dangerous one that might have horrible implications to those who remain intoxicated by the current results and LOW FEAR that exists, meaning complacency that current climate will not vanish before their eyes.

But isn't that what usually happens? SO we have a bunch of can kickers trying to solve a VERY complicated situation....good luck with that!


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