Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Market melt up. Understand this as you count your new shillings.....FED is pumping $85 B a month into the system (not to mention the rest of the world's banks), this 4 years PLUS into so called recovery, we can't walk on our own...CRACK ADDICT economy.

WHAT THIS DOES is MISPRICES RISK...when rates are manipulated to 0%,...FED has our backs? NO they are sticking a knife in it. Can you or I just charge shit into stratosphere with NO WORRIES ever to pay it back? if you are USA you just keep borrowing MORE and MORE and MORE.

SO whoopdifuckingda we have a deal, well shut me up I love it when all the uncertainty is gone, don't you?

Those who provide jobs get bent over, grab ankles boheeca, don't worry those getting soaked aren't us and can afford it, right?

The whole stsyem is a fraud, one day that can will be kicked and it will explode in their faces.

We continue to add $1T plus each year to current deficits, longer term unfunded liabilities are not even brought up or mentioned to the tune of another $50 T. We increase taxes on the job producers, take $117,000 EXTRA from a company or person who earned that Million and that is going to be felt....they will find a way to get it back, by cutting costs.

Jobs being created are mostly RETAIL, lower paying jobs, or ones where you hang out a window to get order. There is NO inflation, there is NO inflation, repeat often until you believe it as truth.

No consequence to FED balance sheet rising by $3T, and pumping another $85 B per month into system. They have no idea where it's going? You are SEEING where it's going, into RISK ASSETS.

This is the answer to all our problems, keep pushing the stock market higher, but folks it keeps getting pushed FARTHER away from its base fundamentals. BUYING because prices are going higher is recipe for pain.

Actions taken by the FED are mispricing risk, last time we had Real Estate mortgage bubble....what this time? There is no free market, nor free economy, and that can down the road is going to get very very costly.


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4397Please tell us another BDI bedtime story, please.