Saturday, May 04, 2013


Here for anyone who thinks or believes what the MEDIA is telling everyone that NEW HIGHS is bullish for mkt. IMHO we are STUCK in Secular BEAR, and only 2 things can happen.....a NEW LOWER LOW comes in the future within 3 years or a LOW COMES without lower RSI, MACD us hint that is THE LOW....for decades.

 SO over last 13 years we have higher highs and lower lows....a REAL oddity


Anonymous said...

So what are you doing to prepare for the crash?

Marc R said...

WHat am I doing? For now, I'm on the sidelines in cash, same cash being pissed on by FED Reserve. Same cash they are trying so hard to force each and every one OUT of, and into risky assets.

NOT SHORT...yet...will be though.

Anonymous said...

So you are out of your 14 diverse investments? Good Move

Why not just short now? This thing is going to collapse soon.

Anonymous said...

If I had a share of SPY for every time someone said a crash is coming...............

Keep glooming guys!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You sir should heed the advice of this sage while there is still time.

Marc R is a gift to hamanity, you need to listen and pay homage to this angel.

He has saved so many, he is reaching out to you with a life ring, can't you see it?

Hurry before it is too late.

Marc R said...

Some may say I saved them before, in 2000 and 2007....but the other side of coin, I admit not talking about enough were the periods of relative safety based on bear ravage and beter values appearing as in 2003 and 2009.
Tides DO turn, so IMPORTANT to be open to both sides of coin.

SO as I DONT lose money because I've not been short, nor do I suggest doing so...especially when TA does not suggest time to do so....I have NOT changed opinion on the fundies, on costs to society for this current escapades by world Central Banks.
For now, at least in stocks, they ARE printing prosperity with hopes of trickle down into real economy...Maybe the fear is not what they are doing, but what happens when they stop?
And I'm not sure they can stop without upsetting the apple cart, and WHEN do we begin to pay for the free lunch? for now....Adv decline lines hitting new highs suggest no top....with all the program trading, FED funny biz...can any TA be trusted? another question

Anonymous said...

John Kelly, "Angel"??

This guy over a year ago said "lower prices ahead" and kept saying it. Allllll the way up. Anyone who traded according to him is loosing his Azz!!

Marc R said...

Problem is, fighting the trend never puts coin in your pocket, nor does overstaying your welcome.

Timing shorts is TOO difficult for the avg investor. My main goal is and always has been to get people to think for themselves as much as they can. ASK QUESTIONS of their financial advisors, there are a lot of good ones out there, find one if you Dont have one.

I like value investing, so that is the type I would seek if I was looking to be in the market.

None usually pull you OUT when the bear arrives, you just ride it out. If you have time, mkt history bears out you will do OK in the LONG RUN, not everyone has LONG TERM horizon.

I dont like manipulated, FED Induced markets, that leave NO options for risk averse investors...policies that force everyone in the same pool...well eventually someone will see PEE in the pool and freak out...that hasn't happened yet, may not happen for years.
Do you agree the FED policies are mostly responsible for the rally?
HOW can they EVER back away now...?
You can, and have profited from riding the some point things will reverse, no sign yet.