Monday, March 07, 2011


WE do keep getting these miracle late day recoveries but the truth is there was serious selling today.....I don't think the current currection is over, and then we can determine if we have another buying opportunity.

Institutional selling has surpassed buying, this has not happened in awhile......keep an open mind.....trend is currently in correction mode......any EASING of current problem areas like OIL and MIDDLe East tensions might help turn attention back onto stocks.

AGAIN, I think EASY MONEY has been made, but there is NO proof of a bear sighting....if and when I do I will post that.....other than risk assets, FED has made sure no other game in town cept sidelines.

How we got HERE? TOO MUCH DEBT.....inflated mortgages.....when bubbles burst it takes time for the deleveraging process.......which is now taking place.

BUT there is the rest of economy that did not inflate in a bubble, and my hope is there is hOPE!

OVER STAYING your welcome is what has hurt the FED policy in the past......OK, we have so far avoided total DISASTER.....we may not want a tightening and that coming just as we're trying to grow....but we also can't allow OIL to rise to $150....

If foreignors sell bonds to BUY STOCKS.....won't that put more pressure on interest rates and add to the stress? Because our GOVT is going to need to float a LOT more debt going forward
....low interest rates have help ease some of that pain....that may be changing

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