Monday, March 28, 2011


Employment and housing data MUST improve……..inflation preferred over deflation. Problems with getting parts overseas, makes companies rethink off shoring, manufacturing gets revived HERE! TAX LAWS MUST CHANGE. US CORPORATIONS (60 minute piece) ship jobs and profits overseas to avoid US taxes which are highest in the world….35% vs 12-20% elsewhere….costing 10’s of BILLIONS of tax revenue and countless 100’s of 1,000’s of jobs. TAX Policies are ALWAYS short sighted….higher taxes make demand go limp. Since this WONT happen, the recovery will remain NARROW in focus, even more so than 2003-2007. Market is inflated directly by growth in money supply, FED action…..not sure how they get us to more normal….I DO think it matters…. is there any possible smoothr real exit strategy? INFLATION MODERATES.......BANKS LOOSEN LENDING RESTRAINTS I take NO JOY in reading nor writing about a less than happy ending...I won't jump off any bridge....but I also will not see something that isn't is what it is and deal with it D

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