Friday, March 25, 2011


Here's my worthless 2 cents worth.

Government would be FORCED to get smaller, tax less....spend less. NO LOBBY GROUPS allowed to create special interests.....or people who can be bought off.

NO DIVIDEND TAX BREAKS which let the UBER RICH (who have millions of shares) keep more money and the AVG dude could care less, they don't own enough stocks for this to matter...

LOWER TAXES AND DUES TOO ALL WORKING PEOPLE.....not the already disgusting filthy insiders who like a GE pay no taxes........FREE HEALTH CARE TO ALL US CITIZENS paid for by increased taxes on the UBER WEALTHY and LESS GOVT spending on WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The current sysetms in place in our world in particular will not last many years down the a majority of citizens get tried of being hosed and sold out and SADDLED WITH THE INSIDERS BAD DEBTS for generations to come as they WAX RICH at OUR EXPENSE!

UBER WEALTHY PEOPLE (yes I am Republican) should be taxed out the maybe they only have 2 10,000 sq ft mansions.......MORE GOES BACK TO THE WORKING STIFF the form of LOWER TAXES for ALL making under $500,000 a year......but for those making 10's of can afford to and should pay much more than current, that can ONLY be done with a FLAT TAX....period.......the REAL consumers of the world paying less in taxes and getting FREE HEALTH CARE (as do Canadians) will be freed up to buy all the unsold homes, buy durable goods......revitalize the economy...let the PEOPLE CHOOSE WHERE THE MONEY GOES.....and do away with all the STUPID SUBSIDIES....if something can't stand on it's own then it shouldn't ETHANOL for stupid is that?

When you have a system that outsizes returns for a VERY FEW (dont lecture me on the 1% pay 90%.....) and the life they lead so doesn't look like the avg persons........the system needs an overhaul.

COMPANIES taxes should not be raised EXCEPT companies like GE who are allowed to shelter profits OVERSEAS....and nothing is done...wonder why Obama is so buddy up with Immelt?

FED RESERVE SYSTEM ABOLISHED....let rates be born of a FREE MARKET SYSTEM...the FED'S manipulating has gotten us booms, but they always are followed by bigger and BIGGER BUSTS!!!! and has cost the US $ 40% of its value since 2000.


BANKSTERS BAD DEBTS GET FOISTED ON THE PUBLIC (BANK BAILOUTS, FREDDIE MAC ETC) ??? nobody asked us........ or maybe they did, we said no, they did it anyways.

LAST time I looked, the worst financial crimes in history, the worst crisis is followed by ZERO PROSECUTIONS???

Last time I looked the housing market is at worst levels ever, savers get 0%, few jobs, food and energy are through the roof (but fed will say "inflation contained") but the stock market soars.....and that's where the 1% are saying THANK YOU!!

STOCK MARKET GAINS VS real policy and in the meantime the HOUSING MARKET HAS RECORDED ITS WORST DATA in the 50 years since it began there's progress.....well this is just a beginning point for discussion...last time I looked our govt was supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE......and we don't wage wars without Congressional debate and consent........we need change and we need it now..... FAILED POLICIES should not go rewarded...


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