Monday, March 07, 2011


*DO NOT MISS THAT VIDEO I POSTED, he is sharp guy, who else would get that much time on CNBC, he made the hapless hosts look even more pays to listen to a guy THAT sucecssful making money in the markets.

For now we have a bull cycle, and it pays to follow the trend. We should get a trend change signal when its time, and at least we may be close to a ST one.....but the flow of funds is strong equities with CB'S keeping the gas flowing.

WILL $105 plus OIL and inflationary signals cause CB'S to TIGHTEN? I had nice chat with buddy today and this tidbit came out....."the FED did what they needed to do to avert a Depression...which would you prefer INFLATION or DEFLATION?" that should be easy answer...inflation, but both can be destructive....can the FED and CB'S keep this fragile recovery from stalling and keep inflation from escallating?

Maybe sweet spot has gone, but my prayers are that we will SLOWLY continue to heal, and help those who need it......hey man I'm doing my best to keep open mind....and also try to present both sides.


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