Thursday, March 31, 2011


ADJ MONETARY BASE LINK $500 BILLION in 3 months "unemployment claims FELL....." what they don't tell you is they FELL because the worthless data you got last week of 382,000 was REVISED UP to 394,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now it fell to 388,000 instead of RISING 6,000...this shit turns my stomach. The 4 week avg is over 390,000 claims a week...this is NOT consistant with a JOB GENERATING atmosphere. OIL at $105, no relief to consumer at the pumps or for heat.....sure let's switch to NAT GAS....WHAT do you think happens to the price of NAT GAS THEN? YES it will skyrocket and its a no win win ...NAT GAS is cheap because its not in the forefront...funny thing is, this winter PROPANE prices were THRU THE ROOF!....its a game of FUEL EFFICIENCY.....NOT SOURCE....a push for more clean deisel would solve most problems, it already gets 40-50 MPG ! better than any hybrid.....see VW Rabbit Diesel. WInd? Solar? ethanol?....let ANY of them stand on their own 2 feet without SUBSIDIES.... ITS ALL BS.....we're dumb but we're not stupid Look for 1332-1337 to turn this rally into dust.....IMHO it's on fumes D

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