Wednesday, June 08, 2011


It is sad how so many are so quick to accuse others of being "perma Bears" when these same people would say its raining when they're being pissed on. There is always the lemmings, the go with the flow crowd...everythig is alright crowd...most of the time, in their little world maybe all is OK....but everything is NOT OK.

The fun bag bunch never wants to pay for anything, and thinks that piling up more debt on top of existing putrid debt, to print change accounting rules to make earnings appear sound, to manipulate the stock RUIN savers....that this EQUALS PROSPERITY....well then there isn't much for me to say to them except....get a life.

One day, the correction will be over, and prosperity will return....but its going to take a much better effort and more truth than has already been thrown at it. If 100 people are in crowded building....and it collapses, and 10 are killed....that's 10 too many for me.....In the case of economy.....the REAL STATS point to the weakest recovery in history....


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