Monday, June 06, 2011


NYSE DATA indicate today's sell-off was a 90% Down Day
SOME kind of PITY rally is NEAR....might be worth a scalp. This makes 6th 90% down volume day since JAN....friends this is HIGHLY IRREGULAR (if not rare) during a BULL MKT? not one 90% up day salvo fired in response.

20 cross over down thru 50 EMA , this is first cross (last one was up) since Sept 2010 !

VIX to 18.54 shows LITTLE FEAR. SO even as a VERY ST rally may be approaching, this decline is part of a much bigger correction (may NOT be bear kickoff....but then again....)

TRANSPORTS off 1 3/4% , have been in front of decline.

Maybe after near NON -STOP rally from last Sept....this is ALL just part of the game

Price is back to NEAR March lows....but VIX then was near 30


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