Friday, June 10, 2011


A GAP DOWN with HEAVY volume could exhaust sellers temporarily Monday, The rally from yesterday came with 15% LESS volume than previous decline...typical for this BULL MKT.

An oversold market that doesn't rally has potential to pick up steam, today was likely 90% down volume day, 6th in the series, never before seen in a true BULL MKT. The Bulls that criticized me a month ago are very quiet. I have NOT called the end to this cyclical bull yet...even if it is beginning to feel like I don't have all the TA in place to do that...but it sure is rolling over.

If the selling keeps up it may cause a 50/200 bear cross, and you don't see too many of during BULL MKTS.

The VIX (FEAR INDEX) is STILL BELOW 19 !!!! even after a month of selling, for any BULL this should be troubling, this is the fodder a BEAR can feed on, as FEAR helps to create a bottom, even if temporary.


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