Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hi friends,

Short and sweet, just got back from Fla, warm....ocean wonderful...saw my good friends SSKRAM, and his lovely wife Edwina and Justin too...relaxing...Im back and ready to ROCK and recharged.

Market is now turning on the last? bastion of strength the commodity sector, anytime you party this hardy don't overstay welcome bank some profits.....

Look, I haven;t charted squat, but I have lots to has broken down BIG TIME, do NOT believe the stats they throw at you.....the real world even has Burns Steakhouse in Tampa with biz down......Tampa Rays not down, saw Mon game.....

I will try to get it all down this SAT, in a more detailed post....look back then or SUnday, and I will do my best to keep my site active!

take care, enjoy 4th....and if you've been with me you've been no worse than IN CASH and SAFE!



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back.
Happy 4th.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and I appreciate that, I have some great input to share sometime Sat....this BEAR has a ways to go!!! lt's be PATIENT, we will have CASH and will SWOOOP in and claim the leftovers at giveaway prices!! happy 4th too!!