Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are new highs in the S&P 500 still possible?

I consider my indicator pretty reliable, but we still have the let the month play out , even as it has dipped into Bear territory, it is possible it doesn't end up there but back above the danger line when all is said and done.

It certainly looks like some kind of bottom is in place, and especially traders see the opportunity to catch Bears on the wrong side of trade and squeeze more pain. Friday was options expiration and always the MOST pain that can be afflicted, so be it will be. That coincided nicely with the recent decline into oversold territory.

So now we have the support that was broken and the 200 moving average above, near 1900 and that would be good area to be watching to see if it holds or if when broken the Bears freak and cover into a melt up rally.

Change is in the wind, a TOP is here or being formed with weakness underneath the overall market not seen by many. Could be buying opportunity here, could last into Xmas rally.
October did a good job living up to its reputation as the worst month of of the year.

With drop In 10 year yields, refi's perked up again. And don't forget the extra jingle lower gas prices have put into consumers pockets.
All that said, some retailers are warning of weaker Holiday spending, for some reason...


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