Monday, October 20, 2014



Underemployment worse than U.S. data suggest

Federal Reserve policy makers are missing a key element as they assess the health of the labor market: data that includes whether those who are employed are overqualified for their job or would like to work more hours.
In  the midst of weakening global backdrop, investors STAY complacent and feel the Federal Reserve will continue to inflate the stock market, even after 5 years of doing so.

What may be lost on many, is this has been great for the top 1%, who own lost of stock and who also may get stock options, which they convert and sell to you and then pay 15% tax on all the dividends.

A GULF is being created between the haves and the nots. How do you keep a credit bubble going? By expanding the bubble by ever greater quantities, and that is becoming harder to levitate.

I don't see people taking this perhaps their own detriment at some point.


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