Friday, August 10, 2012

BDI...AGAIN. Baltic Dry Index In Review

Someone criticized me for not mentioning the BDI when it goes up as PROOF of a bull market, only posting it when it goes down as if that is only thing I can point to as reasoning for a bear market and weaker economy ahead.

Dayy to day, even week to week movements are not as important as the TRENDS. Can someone astutue out there give me a guess as to the TREND of this indicator for BULK shipping rates for RAW materials....the stuff that goes into making things?

No doubt recent Chinese weakness has effected inports and exports of these large ships. Not an end all to be all indicator, just one of the indcators on worlwide economic health, not something you TRADE OFF OF.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for goosing market green into the close with another BDI collapse report.

Rally Jack

Marc R said...

This time next year you will be nowhere to be found.

Anonymous said...

Why you closing down? Surly you want to "warn and save" as many as possible from the K Winter. Your work is not done. Wait till you have a full decade of warnings in. I would miss you dearly.Manute