Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"S&P Hits 1,400 on Hopes for Central Bank Action"

Above is another one of mant taglines for the reasons WHY stocks keep heading higher.

Central Bank action has put floor under the mkt, they may even be buying SPX futures, but this is an OLD GAME and it gets less and less bang for the $ each time they do something.

I don't know, is the 0% rate policy the only way out of this mess? WHAT do 25% of all homeowners, who are UNDER WATER In their mortgage do? NO GOV'T program can help them, don't listen to the claims which are either lies or misleading.

You can't refi if you are way under water, can't sell......don't want to renovate or spend money on your home.....

EVERY recovery from Recession has been led by housing until now. Never before have we had yr/yr declines in housing prices, until now.

DO you want to put all your eggs in the stock market basket if the reason it rallies and appears like a bull is "hope for central bank action"?


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