Thursday, August 16, 2012


Is the consumer cyclical warning us?


Anonymous said...

You are my last hope,I lost so much money being a bear, please say we crash tomorrow, please, I beg of you sir. Sad Bear

Marc R said...

I would ask you, as I am bearish and have NOT lost money...what made you make bearish bets in a technical sense vs what your gut tells you?

YOu don't short a dull market, we have one,CB's are behind this market and everyone at least thinks their is a put on it so no worries.

LOW LOW LOW interest rates make little else appealing.

Being right and early is as bad as being wrong.

Trying to short the market is probably the riskiest, hardest thing to do and time.

Better to have have raised cash and waited for bargains.

You never hear me say SHORT THIS PIG....and I never will as I know its not for most stomachs nor should you ever bet the farm on anything.

I hate to say it.....diversified and staying in the market if with the right financial planner wins out most of the time.

I don't care for 40% mark downs so I come out when I think there is real it is NEVER EASY...never will be!