Sunday, August 26, 2012


Anything against Obama on personal level of attack might be taken as Racist, its just a fact when discussing our first black President, what people forget is the majority of Americans didn't care he was black, big deal.

It's about the policies, how effective has he been? Not how many shopping trips has his wife taken....

Sure it seems extreme to have a large entourage, but then her every move and word is disected.

I'm a Republican, and Bush dissapointed me, I didn't get the Conservative I thought he represented.

Both parties IMHO have screwed up, changes financial landscape and laws to allow climate that the current crisis was formed...enough blame to go around, its black and white to me.

Stop blaming any President and focus on the core issues, mostly the soundness of money, the ensuing greed, the duplicity of the FED, and arrogance to continue and even expand current destructive policies.....and the ignorance of the avg elected official to comprehend the problems

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