Thursday, August 09, 2012

LONDON (Reuters) -" Five years into the great financial crisis, central banks are still pushing back the boundaries of monetary policy only to encounter constant reminders of the limits of their power to revive growth."

"Analysis: Five years on, central banks not yet out of options"  IN PLAIN ENGLISH what has not worked for 5 years, the idiots will keep on doing....



Anonymous said...

Was hoping for a BDI Update.

Jack B

My friends on the floor call me Rally Jack

Marc R said...

With 0% money mkt rates, I might agree it's a RIGGED game, and you MUST think like :they" do to make money.
You DONT short a DULL mkt. You DONT chase yield in a yieldless mkt.
The "RALLY" you take credit for has gotten increasingly selective..the underbelly of it is rancid...about to fail