Saturday, September 01, 2007


Remember the internet bubble back in 2000? remember what happened next?

Do you want to argue with me we didn't have a real estate/mortgage/credit bubble after that?

Do you want to argue that this bubble has now gone splat?

When was the last LBO DEAL? IS M and A activity still HOT?

Do you think the FED can bail out the worlds economies and banking system?

Do you find it odd last 30 days we have experienced the wildest volatility in last 60-70 years?

Volume on decline was massive, on the rallies weak, not a sign to me THE BOTTOM is in.

Many of my investing friends are LONG, I am not of course given the usually bad Sept-OCT seasonal is here.

I await a signal that internal strength has been restored to market for a safer ride.

The slew of 90% DOWN VOLUME days came when the market was not yet oversold, but more neutral, so I think we have some rough seas ahead, and I don't think we have seen the worst just yet.


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